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Welcome to Fanfare Ragdolls

New Zealand Cat Fancy Registered Ragdoll Cat Breeder

My name is Toni and I live in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in Tauranga, New Zealand with my husband of 18 yrs and our three children.

At Fanfare Ragdolls we pride ourselves in raising healthy, happy, well-socialized pedigree ragdoll kittens, who are bought up in our home around our family and our wee Maltese dogs, ensuring that our kittens are confident babies with that TRUE Ragdoll Temperament.

Fanfare Ragdolls is proud to be one of only two Accredited Ragdoll Breeders in NZ!   Cat Fancy NZ acknowledges our efforts and as an Accredited Ragdoll Cattery as we have excellent practises in the way we house our cats and raise our kittens. We don't have many cats but those we have are bought up as our pets and we love and adore them and treat them the way every animal should be - with love, attention and company!

Ragdolls are extremely affectionate cats who are known for their generous size and for being a very docile and laid back cat, with a silky angora-like coat and having striking blue eyes!  

Ragdolls are indoor cats due to their sociable and friendly natures and have such sweet, loving personalities.  They are intelligent, loyal and affectionate companions so if you’re looking for a new best friend who will follow you around the house like a little shadow – a Ragdoll is for you! 

Ragdolls LOVE to play, adore children and get along very well with other animals.  Ragdolls truly are a delight to own.

Most of our Ragdolls are directly from parents imported into NZ from Canada and USA, as well as lines from Australia, UK and NZ. All of our cats at Fanfare Ragdolls be traced back to the original Ragdolls with 100% Traditional lines.

We welcome you to come and visit our home and meet with us, and our gorgeous Ragdoll Family and view our ragdoll kitens. 

For questions or enquiries regarding adopting one of our babies feel free to Contact Us and please tell me a little about yourselves – as Ragdoll Cats are a very special breed and they deserve very special homes!!

To find more about my background, my family and me click here.


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